Arizona Precision Security is invested in our employees and offers pre-assignment training as well as continuous training and coursework.

Arizona Precision Security leadership hold distinctive certifications and training that includes a combined 30 years of law enforcement training verbal defense and influence, de-escalation, non-escalation, and certified trauma informed care trainers.


Arizona Precision Security Training Curriculum

  • Basic First Aid/CPR
  • Client & Public Relations
  • Homeland Security Familiarity
  • Powers of Arrest & Right to Restrain
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Patrol Techniques
  • Respectful Communications
  • Preventing Infectious Disease
  • Use of Force Continuum
  • Ethics & Professionalism
  • Fire Prevention & Control
  • Reflective Listening
  • Property Protection
  • Property Search
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Occupational Hazards
  • Report Writing
  • Access Control Safety
  • Uniform Appearance & Personal Grooming
  • Active Shooter

I have supervised contracts with several security companies over the years. I have found arizona precision security to be thorough, responsive and highly effective. From their personnel to their leadership team they embody professionalism. It is our hope to utilize their talents in additional locations moving forward.


Kristen Torres, Regional Director of Operations Pima Medical Institute

Providing security to this program and the homeless population is a challenging security task. While it is important to have rules and maintain overall safety, if security is too strict or too confrontational it can undermine the mission of the agency by deterring client away from the programs designed to serve them. AZPS has effectively coordinated with program staff to de- escalate and minimize issues related to mental health and substance abuse. AZPS has demonstrated flexibility and responsiveness in addressing the multitude of challenges in an often fast paced environment. AZPS has also demonstrated patience and flexibility in dealing with the funding complexities and timing related to managing complex governmental funding

David Bridge, Managing Director, Lodestar Day Resource Center

I have had the opportunity to work alongside many of the AZPS team while providing services to CASS. The AZPS team has successfully navigated through the many difficult circumstances that come with serving this population. I have witnessed the team’s ability to handle pressure situations which have led to successful outcomes. The security team is professional and dedicated to providing quality service.

Lt. Brian Patrick Freudenthal P56, Phoenix Police Department

I wanted to thank arizona precision security for the work that was done for sony playstation. I can’t say enough how welcoming it was to work with a great group of security professionals. The detail was handled with the utmost professionalism and the agents assigned were high tier and experienced.


Damien R. Olmeda, Lead Security Operations Manager Sony Computer Entertainment America