Executive Team

Travis Anglin

Travis Anglin, Owner

Travis is an experienced law enforcement officer. He has experience in supervising both patrol and investigative functions. His law enforcement background has focused on Investigation, Patrol Supervision and Leadership with responsibilities and expertise in crime reduction, threat assessment and protection of the private sector. Travis has provided security for countless celebrities, professional athletes, dignitaries of the highest level and politicians including the former Mayor of New York City, Rudolph Giuliani. Travis has degrees in Criminal Justice and Human Services, obtained from Wayland Baptist University.

Eric Maas

Eric Maas, Director of Operations

Eric brings a unique balance of tactical leadership and thorough investigations to AZ Precision Security. A veteran of law enforcement, Eric possesses a command presence that guides our staff and inspires our clients. Eric has combined years worth of private investigations experience with security; creating his own investigations firm, Precision Investigations. Eric has earned degrees in Justice Studies and Political Science from Arizona State University.

Deidre Krystek

Deidre Krystek, Community Relations & Marketing Manager

Deidre has quickly become the proud “Face of Precision”. With a background in Customer Relations, Marketing and Finance, Deidre also has training and experience in private investigations, security and process serving. Deidre heads up Precision Process Service that provides a productive approach to the service of legal forms. With an emphasis on female service officers and a more compassionate platform her clients have far more success with service and a better outcome for actual collection of debt. Deidre’s position with the Precision Companies offers an understanding and empathetic source for conveying and strategizing our client needs and most efficient outcome for success.

Nancy Rapp, Director of Personnel and Accounting

Nancy is our secret weapon to satisfying clients. Once the difficult decision to use security has been made the last thing clients want to worry about are complicated billing and payment processes. Nancy ensures all areas concerning contracts, insurance, billing and licensing are reconciled to the strictest specifications.