Who We Are

AZ Precision Security is your trusted team of experts in the protection industry. We have years of experience in law enforcement, investigations, executive protection, tactical operations and uniformed security.


Executive Team

Owner Travis Anglin leads an experienced team of professionals in the security and investigation industry. Combining their skills, they ensure all of your security concerns are handled with Precision.



About AZ Precision Security

Founded by Travis Anglin,

after years of law enforcement, security work and executive protection, Travis has brought his expertise to the private sector.



Recognizing the need for better security,

Travis felt the solution was a better security agent. That is why every security guard licensed under AZ Precision Security is recruited and handpicked. Most of which are full time law enforcement professionals working at various detention facilities throughout Arizona. Personnel who completed hundreds of hours of training to receive their full time jobs and over fifty hours of additional hours of training each year. This is important to you as the valued client. When trusting your assets, the safety of yourself and your staff, you need someone with more to lose than a minimum wage job. That is why AZ Precision Security starts our employees at wages most agencies never even pay their most senior staff. We do this while keeping our costs competitive.

AZ Precision Security

has provided services for residential homeowners associations, apartment complexes, churches, homeless shelters, commercial properties, the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl, Insight Bowl, the Wigwam Resort and Spa as well as the Royal Palms Resort and Spa. As one can imagine, the security plans which have been developed for these venues are of great importance and require an attention to details on small and large scales.

There is no service without sacrifice

and just as the Ouroboros surrounds the landscape of our state in our logo, we too embrace this community and stand ready to protect it.

Our Vision

Our very logo represents our vision and commitment to the community we are sworn to protect. The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol of a creature that sacrifices itself for the sake of preserving life. A being that is constantly re-creating itself as it evolves.

Small and Large Scale Security

AZ Precision Security was created with the purpose of providing security with personnel who inspire confidence and actually make you feel safer.