Who We Are

AZ Precision Security is your trusted team of experts in the protection industry. We have years of experience in law enforcement, investigations, executive protection, tactical operations and uniformed security.


Executive Team

Owner Travis Anglin leads an experienced team of professionals in the security and investigation industry. Combining their skills, they ensure all of your security concerns are handled with Precision.


AZ Precision Security, State License No. 1583992

In these days of economic recession, government cutbacks and desperate times, there is one area that cannot be neglected, SECURITY. No longer can businesses rely solely on government entities to keep them safe. It is time to be Proactive. Here in the 21st century, law enforcement agencies have been relegated to being simply reactive. They can only respond to calls after something bad has already happened, they investigate crimes that have already been committed, even traffic enforcement is done after a person already commits a violation of the law. It is the belief of AZ Precision Security that to keep your assets, yourself and your staff safe you need someone to be present, prevent loss and violence, someone to be proactive. AZ Precision Security can meet these needs by becoming part of your business, part of your family. AZ Precision Security does this by providing only the most experienced personnel to protect those things most important to you.